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Samsa Musikteater: Människor som fanns (song cycle), lyricist/producer – Bastionen, Malmö 2021.

Teater Theatron: Åskådarens resa (interactive theatre performance), producer – Bastionen, Malmö, 2021.

Celia Linde: Mellan himmel och jord (theatrical concert), producer – Malmö Live, Malmö, 2021.

Lunds stifts kyrkospel: Jordens bön (liturgical play), producer – Lund Cathedral, Lund & Fredrikskyrkan, Karlskrona, 2021.

Teater Theatron: Sjopalovich resande teatersällskap (play), skådespelare/producent – Kompanihusgården, Malmö & Kulturen, Lund, 2021.

Teater Theatron & Strindbergs Intima Teater: Odlad frukt (play), producer – Bastionen, Malmö, 2020.

Dramalabbet: ”Livshotande nivåer säger dom” (short monologue), writer – Dramalabbet, Stockholm/Online, 2020.

Samsa Musikteater: Smitning – en samhällskritisk musikal, writer/lyricist/producer – Bastionen, Malmö, 2020.Read more.

Absurdum Temporary Art: The Road We Walk (play/performance), producer – Inkonst, Malmö, 2019.Read more.

Teater Theatron: Liva och PH – en motståndskabaré (play/cabaret), producer – Bastionen, Malmö, 2019.Read more.

Samsa Musikteater: Dödens körkarl (musical), book writer/lyricist/composer (with Jakob Aspenström), producer/assistant director – Bastionen, Malmö, 2018.Read more.

Samsa Musikteater: Förvandlingen – Musikalen (musical), playwright/lyricist/composer/producer (with Jakob Aspenström), director (with Desirée Persson) & actor – Bastionen, Malmö, 2016.Read more.


Finn fem fel (short), composer, director (with Sara Arrhusius) - 2017.

Loop (short), composer – 2014.View trailer.

From the Weeping Sea (short), composer – 2014.View movie.

Carrot (short), writer/composer, director (with Natasha Mansley), editor/producer (with Rachel Kuperminc) - 2013.

The Ball (short), composer – 2013.

MUSIC (performed and/or recorded works only)

Smitning – en samhällskritisk musikal (Live från Bastionen)(original cast recording, live) (with Jakob Aspenström), Malmö, 2020.Listen on Spotify.

Förvandlingen - Musikalen (Metamorphosis - The Musical)(original cast recording) (with Jakob Aspenström), recorded in Malmö, 2017.Listen on Spotify.

One Thing I Ask of the Lord(SATB chorus) – first performed in Uppsala, 2015.Listen on SoundCloud.

Man, Light (electroacoustic) – 2014.Listen on SoundCloud.

Song (SATB Chorus) – first performed in Brighton, 2014.

Beauty, Death and Those Rocks (for solo cello, piano, alto sax) – first performed in Brighton, 2014.

Screams of Cyberspace (electroacoustic) – 2013.


From Operatic Uniformity to Upbeat Eclecticism: The Musical Evolution of the Princess in Disney’s Animated Features(chapter in the anthologyDiscussing Disney) – 2019. Available here.

Spriten och den lidande konstnären: En titt på klassiska tonsättares alkoholbruk (The Booze and the Suffering Artist: A Look at the Alcohol Habits of Classical Music Composers) (Nocturum) – 2015. Available here.

WEB-BASED WRITING PROJECTS, online resource on music history(writer, content creator) – 2013-., online resource on music software(writer, content creator) – 2012-.

Vä, online resource on world music(writer, content creator) – 2011-., online resource on film music (writer, content creator) – 2010-., online resource on musical composition for beginners (writer, content creator) – 2008-.


Creative Writing BA, Linnéuniversitetet – 2021.

Playwriting (Two-year course), Biskops Arnö Författarskola – 2018.

Music BA (Composition & Musicology), University of Sussex – 2014.


One-year working grant(The Swedish Authors' Fund) – 2021.

David Osmond-Smith Prize for best music dissertation (University of Sussex) – 2014.

Uppsala Municipality Prize for Young Writers(Uppsala Municipality) – 2010.